The Company

Who we are

The Tudo Sobre Pneus is a company placed in Santo André/SP, founded in October,2011 by 3 partners with a target to provide services to add value and optimize results in land transport segment.

The company provides its services through its website, which are found contents as management program of cost of tires, reports, news, comparative rates, offers, demands, advice and courses, aiming the continuous improvement of all levels and sectors involved in the segment.
Our email addresses are:     - for the technical subject.      - for commercial subject.


Our mission is to listen, understand, study solutions, inform, apply knowledge and attend the needs of our customers, in order to generate economic value, social and environmental along the cargo transport companies, buses companies and tire industry in an ethical, transparent and sustainable form.


Among our values are:

The mutual commitment

- Commitment to Truth
- Build an environment of respect and trust
- Transparent communication
- Recognize and reward initiative and collaboration
- Acquire and share knowledge
- Working in a spirit of cooperation

The integrity

- Apply the highest standards of professional conduct at all our activities, whether with customers or community
- Behave in a way to reinforces the solid reputation of the company

The strength of cultural diversity

- Be open to new ideas and perspectives
- Capitalize all aspects of diversity
- Understand the peculiarities of each culture and, through common effort, find the best solution
- Develop an environment that allows us to achieve unity and common target

The generation of value of our customers

- Join our diversity of talents and knowledge
- Work seamlessly with our clients, with team spirit
- Offer innovate solutions
- Cultivate excellence in providing services



Being recognized by the market as the best option in productivity, quality and safety in our consulting services, in Tire and Buses Radial tires.